Pastor Clay Alhearn

I grew up in a Christian home, have known of Jesus my whole life and began following Him earnestly in my late teen years.

I grew up under great teachers and even greater spiritual role models. My Mom and Grandmother are my living pillars of faith.  I have learned from many mentors in my life and have grown especially from the teachings of the late Ravi Zacharias and Dr. Michael Brown.

I have a love of learning and reading and enjoy having my thoughts challenged especially in the area of theology.

I was told at a young age that I should be a pastor to which I responded, “That is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard!” But God didn’t agree. In my late teens God began to turn my heart to the idea of ministry and I attended a small Bible school in Prince Albert, SK. During the same year I helped to start a youth ministry in my home town of Big River, SK. I led this group for 8 years.

From Big River I moved to Provost, AB in 2007 and got involved in youth ministry early the next year.

In 2010 God made it very clear through a series of events that He was calling me to work at the Provost Community Church and it was confirmed by the board.

I worked as the Youth Pastor for several years and then accepted the position of Senior Pastor in 2017.

Janelle Alhearn

I grew up with Christian parents who taught me who God is from birth. I am so thankful that God led me to accept His truths at an early age.

Through my teen years, I lost my hair because of an autoimmune disease. In hindsight, this was such a gift because it caused me to run to God and my parents over and over, learning to trust and surrender more and more.

All along, I served the church in different capacities - children’s ministry, music, youth, and hospitality.

God was definitely preparing me to marry a pastor.

Our Calling

Now, with two daughters, Katrielle and Paxlyn, it is with great joy and a growing sense of inadequacy that we come to listen, learn, love, and lead.

We desire to minister to the church in a servant-leader role.  We don’t come with all the answers, but rather a lot of questions and hearts willing to seek God and follow the leading of the Holy Spirit.

We desire to do ministry together, as a couple and as a family.

We believe we have been called to the Provost Community Church and this community and endeavor to use our gifts to the best of our abilities here.